Moving House Risk Assessment


You see a house and say to yourself,

"That's perfect; I'll buy it now".


that could be a very bad idea indeed


















Your solicitor will have undertaken searches on your behalf. These searches, required by law, will identify where title of the property is registered or by title deeds. Your solicitor will also make investigations about the property.


RKE Associates conducts a rigorous and further detailed search on your behalf and with you and your family's concerns or requirements foremost in mind. Either with the seller's consent or posing as prospective purchasers we visit the property and identify the problems that may not have been revealed and produce a detailed report. We talk to the local people, local planners, police and hospitals and indeed anyone who can provide information on the enormous investment that you are about to make. We visit the property at various times of the day and night both in the week and at weekends and during the morning and evening rush hours. Whilst by no means exhaustive, some of the areas we analyse include:


  the general area, your new neighbours, local customs, social behaviour and any undercurrents that you should be aware of especially in relation to the your proposed purchase


  the security of the property including security systems currently in use together with our view on their effectiveness and recommendations for enhancement


  the local area crime patterns and ethnic mix


  local police, ambulance and fire brigade capabilities and response times


  the real length of journey times to London termini


  local planning authorities and their opinions on development including any schemes under consideration though not yet public; local footpaths and a review of the local definitive map including pending applications


  local aircraft flying patterns and nearby RAF low level training routes


  local traffic flow and any local roads used as major diversion routes in time of crisis or as rat runs in the morning and evening rush hours


  local hunting and sporting arrangements as they affect your property and land


  local micro weather patterns


and any other area of concern that you have


most of all we help you make the right decision before it's too late even if only to allow you to renegotiate the price


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